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WritersInk Monthly Round-up - October 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 5:16 AM
Every week, we at  :iconwritersink: like to select the best of the best submissions and present them in one handy Round-Up.

Here's a selection of the best that October had to offer!  Happy reading, and please be sure to leave a comment on each submission if you favourite or read it.

Salsa, Rice, Rhythm by amy-derfer

"There is something splendid about / a Peruvian man leaving the rice to burn / because he is unable to keep himself / from dancing"

Thus begins amy-derfer's poem about cooking rice, dancing the salsa, and giving in to the rhythm of the music.

From our October 1st Round-up.

The Legend of the What Cat and Fourth Dreaming by GregStevens

A just so story that explains the creation of the universe.

There are countless explanations for the creation of the universe, but few of them are as charming as GregStevens' myth, featuring two playful creators and six inspirational pets.

From our October 8th Round-up.

Call Me Cicatrice by intricately-ordinary

"Scars are ghosts of people you've left behind. They aren't always visible but they never go away"

The first kiss is something that's often wildly romanticised in literature. Here's an antidote to that which paints the first kiss as a scar which never quite heals. It's a creative and bold character study, teasing across that line between poetry and prose.                
From our October 15th Round-up.

Through the eyes of the world, decay. by wei-en

A short snapshot of decay through the eyes of the world.

wei-en has created an interesting read centered around the ever popular topic of decay, and what man has done to the world. You can almost feel the lethargy of the city at dusk and hear the rain.

From our October 22nd Round-up.

The Transcript by Tanton

The night is silent and dark. Heart beating furiously, a man plays back a tape;  releasing the carefree voices of the past into the night like so many ghosts.

Using very minimalist story-telling techniques, Tanton's short piece manages to create a surprising amount of suspense and atmosphere. The perfect foil for a dark October evening - just don't read before heading out for a walk on your own.

From our October 29th "Halloween Special" Round-up.
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Thanks to my fellow admin staff at WritersInk for putting this together!

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