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May 24, 2007
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The kind of wolf that lives in the swamps. Smaller then the regular grey wolf, it's white with lines of black or grey going down it's back. It has characteristic fur that grows in messy little tufts on it's face at angles, and large paws.

It's generally more timid then the regular wolf and lives in smaller packs making them easier to tame, but can get excessively aggressive if they feel threatened. Are getting increasingly bolder and are beginning to attack Cirentoth and becoming a threat.

Species name: Swamp Wolf or Resk in the Cirentoth tongue.
Origins: They inhabit the swamps.
Diet: Omnivore. But typically will eat meat and even carrion. Main prey is often the Swamp Deer that roam in tiny herds along the swamp.
Distinguishing features:
Large paws: Large paws with webbed toes to allow them to run through the mud that covers the swampland.
Face fur tufts: Unlike the regular wolf the Swamp Wolf has distinctly untidy face fur with longer sections of hair that grow out at angles on it's face.
Markings: Everything that lives in the swamp, including the Cirentoth folk themselves, is devoid of any colour. Swamp Wolves are typically white with a black streak from neck to tail along their back, but colours vary from washed out greys to charcoal.
Coat: Bristly hair designed to keep them cool in the humidity of the swamps and warm in the chillness of winter when the mud is said to freeze over sometimes.
Build: Smaller then the average wolf but with longer legs enabling them to run through the swamps.
Reproductive habits:
Like all wolves the Swamp Wolf lives in a pack led by a single alpha pair who are the only ones who reproduce. The rest of the pack help look after the pups and their alphas.
Temperament: Less aggressive and will often choose to run rather than risk a fight and injuries that can quickly become infected in the muck of the swampland. Though it's said that the mud in the swamp has special healing properties. Swamp Wolf pups are easy to tame and raise as normal dogs, and are exceptionally loyal to their masters making them popular amongst the Cirentoth folk.
However recently these packs have been increasing in size, and due to the lack of food or prey on the swamps the wolves have been becoming increasingly bolder, attacking settlements.
Lifespan: some have been said to live up to 35 years of age, but that could just be legend. Usually they live to 15 or 16.
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Ellofayne Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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