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Apr 24, 2015
4:52 pm
Apr 24, 2015
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Apr 24, 2015
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Apr 23, 2015
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Apr 23, 2015
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The first official contest for the group :iconthe-alverdale-tangle: - dedicated to the collab I've been working on with InkyRose, is here! 

If you're interested in joining, just take a peek at the specs or spread the word!

Contest by Sleyf

To celebrate the end of "book one", the residents of Alverdale are hosting a grand masquerade ball, to which everyone is invited!

Break2 by Sleyf

So what should you do?

    It's simple really! Pick an Alverdale couple from the list below, and draw them at the ball!  Would they be basking in the attention of others?  Would they be dancing in a private corner? Or enjoying a moment of air away from the crowds? It's up to you! 
    Remember thought that this is masquerade, so let your inner costume-designer out of that cage, and indulge in an evening of opulence amongst the cream of society.

Contest Specs.

  • Your entry must be a full colour pic - digital OR traditional
  • Must be of a couple, not a single character
  • Your entry must reflect the feel of the couple in question - or how you perceive them.
  • Please mention in your description that your entry is for the contest, and either let myself (Sleyf) or InkyRose know your work is done.  Alternately, you may submit to the "contest folder" in the group - which I shall open to everyone soon.

Prizes by Sleyf

First place

  • 3 month premium membership
  • 250 :points: + an Inkyrose "illustration-style" pic - of a single character
  • A digital portrait from Sleyf, (corel style) - of a single character

Second place

  • 1 month premium membership
  • 100 :points: + an Inkyrose costume sketch - single character
  • A simple colour portrait from Sleyf (lines included) - single character

Third place

  • 50 :points: + an Inkyrose black and white illustration on brown paper - single character
  • A graphite portrait sketch from Sleyf - single character


  • An additional 40 :points: will be awarded to anyone who completes more than one entry - though this is not a must.

Examples of work similar to (but not exactly like) the prizes on offer.

(full traditional colour, may include border elements)
Liliana by InkyRoseWaiting for Spring by InkyRoseThree Sisters by InkyRose
"Digital portrait"
(no visible lines - more detailed colour - simple bg, may include embelishments)
Dalmar by SleyfGift Art - Aymstersilver by SleyfRaystlind by Sleyf
"Costume sketch"
(1 costume of your choice - includes colour, no bg)
Dalmar Costume Design by InkyRoseCommission: A'idah formalwear by InkyRoseCommission: Sybil's Masquerade Costume by InkyRose
"Simple colour"
(visible lines, colour is basic - simple bg)
Tutorial sketch by SleyfHoH - Feathercaps by SleyfThere There by Sleyf
"Black and white on brown paper"
(black and white on brown, basic shading)

All dressed up and nowhere to go by InkyRoseDaughter of the Fox by InkyRoseCommission: Into the Woodland Green by InkyRose
"Graphite sketch"
(graphite portrait, basic shading - no bg)
Ikaelo - Birthday Gift by SleyfGift Art - Lucky Charm by Sleyf

Couples by Sleyf

Your entry must be of at least one of these couples - you may exercise artistic licence in portraying them how you envision them, however they must at least be recognisable!

Hetta-and-blake by Sleyf
Robert Blake - Heir of the Blake dynasty, Robert is the master of Greyvale - or rather, he would be if his interfering sister Maris was not lurking the halls.  Arrogant and aloof, Robert is anti-social and abrasive, preferring the life of a society hermit and the silence of his library, the books of which he has never bothered to read.

Henrietta Hartchase - The black-sheep of the Hartchase family, Hetta is the despair of her mother, who has all but given up on hopes of her marriage.  Feisty and with aspirations of becoming an authoress, Hetta has a cynical view on social gatherings and would much prefer to avoid them completely!

Portrait of a Heroine by InkyRoseCharacter Ref - Mr. Blake by SleyfThe Blakes by InkyRoseDispleased by SleyfRiding off into the sunset by InkyRoseUnmasking Hour by InkyRoseIllst - Alverdale - Stagnant Waters by SleyfAlverdale Style- Hetta's Hat by InkyRose
Line-break by Sleyf
Esmerelda-and-jonathan by Sleyf
Esmerelda Alverton - Golden child of the Duke, Esmerelda is renowned for her beauty and vanity, enjoying nothing more than being the centre of attention at any gathering.  Beautiful as well as generous when society expects it, Esmerelda embarks upon the expectations of marriage put upon her by her family and society - willing to throw aside happiness in favour of wealth and family honour.

Jonathan Sandwell - The only surviving heir to the Sandwell business, Jonathan is an intrepid tailor down on his luck and running out of inspiration.  Fond of a laugh and always up for mischief, Jonathan is usually the main cause of any tom-foolery afoot in Aven.

'Ill Met by Moonlight' by InkyRoseIllst - Alverdale - A Trick Too Cruel by SleyfPortrait of a Rose by InkyRoseIllst - Alverdale - Only the Bold by SleyfEsmerelda and Jonathan by megottoComm - Inkyrose - A Stainedglass Wedding by SleyfPatchwork by SleyfThe Roses of Alverdale by InkyRoseSleyf Commission Series 001:Sandwell and Esmerelda by Darkenmarr
Line-break by Sleyf
Imogen-and-william by Sleyf
Sweet William Ashcliffe - Second son to Major Titus Ashcliffe, William has long since abandoned his noble inheritance to pursue his love for music, turning his back on Brimbrake for reasons as yet un-divulged.  Distant and plagued by ghosts from his past, William is dependant on alcohol, opium, and various other vices he uses to bring some meaning to his life.

Imogen Devereaux - A gifted ballerina who was destined to be overlooked at her ballet-house before Madame D'Arriet took her beneath her wing as protegee.  Full of life and bursting with an almost child-like joy for the simple things in life, Imogen is a character who is difficult not to find endearing

A Stolen Night by InkyRoseSummer's Lease by InkyRoseComm - Inkyrose - Snow by SleyfAlverdale Style- Imogen's Hat by InkyRoseIllst - Alverdale - You Shall Never Know by SleyfAbsinthine by SleyfThe White Garden - Commission by clover-teapot
Line-break by Sleyf
Celeste-and-gabriel by Sleyf
Celeste Morton -  Newly arrived in Aven town only 5 years ago at the start of the story, Celeste is the niece of the town's Reverend, Orpheus Morton, and a relation to the Alvertons through blood.  Sensible and unwilling to accept nonsense from anyone, Celeste is the resident midwife whose dreams to study medicine are staggered only by her sex.

Gabriel Rondcopse -  The youngest boy in a family of eight children, Gabriel diverted from the tradition of going into a religious field, to study medicine.  Difficult in character and personality, and newly graduated as a doctor at the start of the story, Gabriel returns home to take up residence in Aven as the junior doctor in the Aven Road Surgery. 

The Angels of Alverdale by InkyRoseAn Admirer in the Shadows by InkyRoseComm - Inkyrose - Liquid Gold by SleyfIllst - Alverdale - Doe-eye Brown by SleyfGabriel's Decision by InkyRoseAT: Promenade by ExplosiveCoffeeIllst - Alverdale - Lo, A Burning Torch Appears by SleyfC: sleyf by Chiri-nyan
Line-break by SleyfIsabelle-and-lucian by Sleyf
Sir Lucian Alverton -  The heir to the Alverton fortune, Lucian's love for excess and vice are a constant displeasure and disappointment to his father the Duke - but he cares little.  Enigmatic and with powerful allies, Lucian's love for leisure and indulgence are overshadowed only by his love for his sister - whom he will go to any lengths to protect.

Isabelle D'Arriet -  The famous "Rose of Clairvoy", Isabelle is a celebrated and successful courtesan whose conquests have allowed her to climb the status scale within her class.  Constantly bored, and in love with indulgences, gaudy luxury, and fame, Isabelle leaves her native Clairvoy on a new venture to spread her name further afield in the hunt for fulfilment.

Dangerous Beauties by InkyRoseOur Secret Scandal by InkyRoseHappier Times by InkyRoseReunited by InkyRoseAlverdale Couples - Lucian and Isabelle by SleyfIllst - Alverdale - One Day I Shall Explain by Sleyf
Line-break by Sleyf
Elysia-and-tristan by Sleyf
Elysia Cadell -  Tragic beauty - Elysia is the eldest daught of Lord Favan Cadell, the Duke of all of Lyrinia and member of the Royal Family.  Bound from a young age by duty, Elysia has grown up in court, knowing how one must act in order to survive.  When her elder brothers' greed and hunger for power throws her family into disrepute and hatred, Elysia is forced to endure as she always has.

Captain Tristan Ashcliffe - Eldest son of the Ashcliffe name, Tristan is William's brother, and marionette to his father's Design - dictating how one must act from birth.  Driven by his father's will then, Tristan has achieved honour and fame for his family - at the cost of his own will and freedom.

A glimmer of hope by InkyRoseBobblehead   Elysia by SleyfAlverdale Style- Elysia's Hat by InkyRoseElysia and Tristan by IrenHorrorsDuty: Part Two by InkyRoseKiss from a Rose by InkyRoseStill Water by SleyfLoyalty by Sleyf
Line-break by Sleyf
Grianne-and-Henri by Sleyf
Grianne Cadell - Illegitimate daughter of Lord Faven, Grianne has grown up in the shadows of the household, loved but hidden from society.  Grianne was raised by her sister Elysia, who protected her from the harsh world and the cruelty of her brothers as best she could.  Grianne's optimism and gift at sewing soon lands her on her feet however, when she is forced apart from her sister.

Henri de Reveille - A Gendarme of moderate rank in the district of Guildam, Henri followed in the footsteps of his grandfather in joining the force, growing up on stories of justice and intrigue - the most fanciful of all, being the stories of a stolen fortune that his family lost.  Gifted at finding people, Henri's world takes a turn when the writing of the revolutionist known as "Cieve" has the city in it thrall, scenting the air with unrest.

Contemplating Roses by InkyRoseAlverdale Style- Grianne's Hat by InkyRoseFor The Dancing and The Dreaming by SleyfGrianne and Henri by CristianaLeonePeople-Watching by SleyfSketch dump - Grianne and Henri by SleyfTo the Moon and Back 1 by InkyRoseIllst - Alverdale - Counting Stars by Sleyf

Break2 by Sleyf
Deadline by Sleyf

Deadline extensions of a week may be considered

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